Friday, January 7, 2011


The section of the book that stands out to me is the importance of balance between learning facts and comprehension and analysis of those facts. I think it is very important to a history teacher to have that balance. When I went to high school over 20 years ago, the teachers were more about giving the facts and making sure we got through the material. I struggled with this when I got into college and the tests were essay questions asking for my analysis of a time in history. It took a while for me to adapt to this and become a "B" writer. my goal as a history teacher would be to have that balance of making sure that students have the facts of a time in history and class discussions, journal posts, etc. to make sure that students understand why it happened and what effect it had in later years. That means I will not be able to give as much detail as the teachers I had in high school. My students will not have as many notes as I had to take. But, I believe that my students will have a better understanding of history and maybe have a bigger interest in the subject.

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