Saturday, January 1, 2011

Final Reflection

Final Reflection of: Why Don’t Students Like School? By Daniel T. Willingham

The nine principles of the mind discussed in this book re-enforce what we do as teachers. We as teachers need to continue to build upon what we already know, and what the teacher before us has done so we give our students the best possible chance at being successful.

One thing I have always tried to stress and demonstrate in my classroom is a good work ethic and Willingham states in the cognitive principle: Children do differ in intelligence, but intelligence can be changed through sustained hard work. (pg 170) As teachers we need model a good work ethic, show how to gain knowledge by sharing experiences, have focused classroom discussions, teach study skills, and most importantly be persistent in expecting good effort in the classroom and make sure we praise their effort. I tell all my students that I teach and all my athletes that I coach that if you can work hard and put forth the effort you will go a long ways.

I found this book to be a positive experience. It was good to be refreshed with strategies that can be used with all students and in any grade level. It was a good read and made me want to try and improve my teaching each and every day.

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